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We’re mapping neighborhood associations, community development corporations, and community building organizations that have specific footprints in the St Louis metro area. (See our definitions to understand our criteria for inclusion.)

The map has been created to empower neighborhood residents to work collectively, encourage coordination and collaboration, and facilitate quality community engagement.

Who created this map?
The map came together as the result of collaboration between Prof. Dana Malkus (St. Louis University School of Law's Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic) and Claire Rippel (Univ. of Missouri Extension) in their work with the Vacancy Collaborative (Dana) and the Community Engagement Action Group (Claire). Subsequently, several other organizations realized the value of such a map and have assisted in steering its development, including:

The map has been built with significant volunteer effort from Dave Menninger (Vacancy Collaborative, Data Working Group). Together, the map collaborators (and their student interns) have invested countless hours reaching out to community organizations to gather and confirm information. Going forward, we anticipate that InvestSTL will become the permanent home of the map and lead in the refinement, and liaise with the organizations to ensure it is kept up to date and becomes a beneficial tool for the St. Louis Region.

How is the map maintained?
For now, the map is maintained through volunteer effort. So that the map will remain up-to-date going forward, we are working toward a permanent home with InvestSTL. In addition, we are building processes for maintaining the map that leverage the knowledge of nonprofits, city agencies, and individuals directly connected to the organizations shown on the map. The value and quality of the map will depend on people from across the St. Louis community. If your organization is missing, let us know (but be sure to review our definitions page to make sure it’s a fit). Additionally, if you are aware of organizations in the St. Louis County or Metro East regions which should be placed on a map like this one, please let us know by filling out this form.

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